There are a great deal of hosting providers out there. With this, there is a great deal of variability in what features, access, and services are provided. Much also depends on how much interaction you intend to have with your website coding or if you will have a developer make all the adjustments.
A few providers which I currently use and recommend are listed below:
1and1 Internet
Probably the most well-rounded and user friendly, I manage several accounts on They offer an affordable rate and also provide the best deals on domain names. Much of their structure in the Business and Unlimited level accounts have a straight forward approach which may not be the simplest to understand if you are new to the concept.
The next provider and one of the most popular is GoDaddy.
I feel that GoDaddy is the best host for those customers who intend to have at least some interaction with the coding behind their site. They offer a very user friendly interface for editing visual elements and settings which will prevent your having to contact your developer for small issues.Another perk I have found with GoDaddy is that if you purchase a domain name with them, you will receive a basic hosting account for free. These complimentary spaces are more suitable for static sites and not for CMS systems however.