Why CS-Cart?

  • Reason 1: I have dealt with many carts for many years, including Magento, Open Cart, X-Cart and several others. What I have found is that most customers need custom processes or special business rules implemented to operate their shopping carts. With most ecommerce software, what you see is what you get and expanding or adding processes or customization can be a real burden. Adding plugins or extensions can prove cumbersome and risky. Cs-Cart alleviates those concerns to a great extent with their extensive hooking system covering design and functionality. Owners can thereby pursue their modifications without offending the core code and relative processes.
  • Reason 2: In today’s business world, you have to stay up-to-date. Technology surrounding ecommerce is consistently advancing and with that, new potential can be found as well as conflicts and vulnerabilities uncovered. Keeping your software current and safe is a must and CS-cart developers go to great lengths to ensure that their software stays current.
  • Reason 3: It is common that in ecommerce that alliances are formed and agreements made for mutual benefit between online sellers. CS-Cart does well to incorporate feed import/export options as well as to include a fully interactive API in all version.
  • Reason 4: Multiple Storefronts! With most ecommerce software, you are limited to one url and one store. With CS-Cart, you can expand your by purchasing additional storefront licenses.

Overall, I feel that Cs-Cart is the best solution for mid-range to large ecommerce stores and for marketplaces. For smaller stores or product lines, my best recommendation is WordPress with the WooCommerce extension. WordPress is free and can get your started on your way.