Door 27 Web Development

Today’s web is a great tool for everyone and finding your place is not as difficult as you may think with a new website or ecommerce shopping cart.  I am here to help you with all that you will need to reach your online goals.

If you are unclear about the basics of having your own website and what it takes to maintain it, please visit my Getting Started page.

If you already know what you need, please do not hesitate to contact me and I would be happy to help.

Consultation available via teleconference and phone communication

“If you are looking for a hard-working web developer Jeff fits the bill… I had a very tight deadline and we hit some problems, but Jeff persevered and we produced a very complex sight in record time. Most importantly we have paying customers…Definitely consider him for your web development needs.”

Louis Mercorelli, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

“Jeff was an excellent resource to us, and understood our objectives from the charity site immediately – offering guidance to maximise efficiency. The site was completed quickly and any changes we requested were actioned without question. Jeff also created a document with FAQs and tips to manage the site and edit the content in the future – which is extremely useful. We are already using Jeff for another web project within the business and would not hesitate to recommend his freelancing services :-)”

Patrick Byrne, Pursuit Marketing UK

I would like to echo the sentiments already recorded by the other reviewers in Jeffery’s listing. I have also found that Jeffery takes the time to completely understand the problem before diving into a solution. Yet, he is also extremely efficient and doesn’t waste time, accepts full responsibility for his tasks and the related timelines, is careful with your data and Jeffery’s invoices are fair and well documented. I would highly recommend his services.

Jeff Pecora

Jeffrey Wright first class all the way. He understood the problem and the system and kept in contact with me at all times. The situation was resolved quickly and that is what you want in a technical problem. I would definetly would work with him again and I highly recommend him for any of your CS-cart problem. He is well aware of all version of CS-cart and that is very important since technology is changing all the time. Thank you for your help.

Brenda Dawless

Jeff is phenomenal! He knows CS backwards and forwards. He is accessible, fast, reliable, a great communicator and has great prices!
Highly highly recommend!

Sandy Barber

“Great job, Professional”

Brian Bentke, Pintu Energy Bangkok Thailand

“Great to work with and highly efficient.”

James Mew,