Getting Started FAQs

The three main components you need to create and maintain a website are the Domain, Hosting and Design.
The basic descriptions are found below. You may also follow the links to get more information or to get started.

  • Domains
    Your Domain is the web address (e.g. associated with a path to your web files. They are relatively low-cost; around $10 to $20 annually. Consider it as only an “address” in the simplest sense as it tells servers how to find files on other servers.
    You may follow this link to find tips for choosing your domain name, to check for availability of a particular name, or purchase to purchase one.
  • Hosting
    Hosts are the suppliers of server space to store and serve the files or software that make up your website. When a user types your domain address into a browser window, a request is sent for these files to your host server.
    The server responds by sending your website back to the user browser.

    There are a great deal of host companies out there. Some are more affordable than others and some offer additional functionality to your website.
    To find more information or choose a hosting provider, please follow this link.

  • Design

    That’s where I come in. There are a great deal of variance in functionality and design available in today’s websites. If you want to learn more about which type is right for you, please follow this link.